Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea

Teemu Takatalo & Tommi Taipale /
Rescue Boat Baltic Herring


In 2010 Teemu Takatalo and Tommi Taipale decided they would build a catamaran from waste materials, and they did. By August both artists were moving under sail, exploring the Archipelago Sea - in their Baltic Herring. They invited guests from all walks of life to join their adventures and discuss the downfall of western civilization. The experiences and impressions gained at sea are exhibited in sea containers, in company with some Gulf of Finland reflections from artist Richard Thompson Coon. Baltic Herring continues her voyage through 2011.

Teemu Takatalon ja Tommi Taipaleen romusta rakentama katamaraani seilasi Saaristomerellä kesällä 2010. Taiteilijat kutsuivat vieraita elämän eri alueilta purjehtimaan, retkeilemään ja keskustelemaan länsimaisen yhteiskunnan vääjäämättömästä perikadosta. Merikontteihin on installoitu paikka missä voi tutustua Silakan meriretkiin sekä taiteilija Richard Thompson Coonin mietteisiin Suomenlahdelta. Silakka jatkaa kulkuaan 2011.

Rescue Boat Baltic Herring (Andrés Marin Jarque)


It was time for a break, to escape the grip of a society heading for dystopia. We built the raft from junk. From what had already been used, thrown away, discarded and forgotten. And the Baltic Herring was born, the result of common sense and do-it-yourself glory. Our catamaran, with which we can reach open scenery - out to sea, where wind re-styles your hair as it wants and logic of the land tastes like road dust.

It's the Baltic Sea - we're part of a kind of bigger system.
-Ilppo Vuorinen

Finally even the most tired river flows into the sea - with it our junk, our European civilization, political system, and culture, which seems to have no constructive answer as to how we can live in harmony with nature, upon which we are unquestionably dependent.

It's always thought that more research is needed and we'll survive, but I miss the evidence.
-Tere Vadén

There's been more talk about the environment recently. From the outer archipelago, that talk sounds like the buzz of a fly. There's no point in grasping single problems, like algae blooming or the dioxin in the Baltic herrings, without considering our lost relationship with nature.

I have come to the conclusion there is no doubt about what the government is: it's absolutely rotten from head to toe.
-Lotta Tenhunen

If you are going to win life back from capitalism, you have to do it with your hands and standing on two feet.

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Rescue Boat Baltic Herring videotrailer, 6:48, 2010
Rescue Boat Baltic Herring video, 01:23:24, 2010-11
Premiere in Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea -exhibition in Turku, 28.5. - 31.8.2011

Guests that participated Rescue Boat Baltic Herring voyage and perform in the video are:
Pelastusalus Silakan vieraina purjehtineet ja videolla esiintyvät henkilöt ovat:

Ilppo Vuorinen
Yrjä Haila
Tere Vadén
Lotta Tenhunen
Kai Vaara
Juho Vuori
Olli Tammilehto
Ossi Kakko

In collaboration with:

Forum Marinum, Langh Ship Oy, RautaSoini Oy, Turun Lukko Oy, T:mi Turun Tynnyri ja Säkki, Tampereen Palolaitos, Esko Puusti, Nakolinnan Rauta Oy, Ruissalon Telakka, Koukkujärven jätteenkäsittelylaitos, Hakkenpään lauttasatama, Turun Museokeskus, Lightpress Oy