Curated Expeditions

"Curated Expeditions" is dedicated to observing and experiencing fascinating earthly phenomena through artistic investigation. In parallel, Capsula wants to revive leisure travel experiences, which have been cast aside by the frantic pace of modern daily life. Walking, bob-sleighing, swimming, hitchhiking, rowing, sailing, trains and submarines all personify the Capsula Philosophy of Voyage.

The objective is to bring artists and scientists to work together at the intersection of different disciplines. The results can remain as art works and don't have to contribute to scientific studies about natural phenomena. What we would like them to contribute to is the recognition of small and big miracles of nature and bring awareness of its extraordinariness and vulnerability. The project is initiated by Ulla Taipale.

Capsulaexpeditions.com -site has been launched to present the material realised during the Curated Expeditions and the artworks created within this framework.


Launched in Barcelona, Spain in 2005, by two independent curators, Monica Bello Bugallo and Ulla Taipale, Capsula has actively contributed to the art&science scene with various interdisciplinary cultural contents; events, workshops and publications. More about Capsula activity can be found at www.capsula.org.es.

In 2008 curator and producer, Ulla Taipale, proposed a challenging task to three artists - to create a new artwork during one of the most incredible natural occurences, the total solar eclipse that took place on 1st of August 2008 - lasting for 2 minutes and 20 seconds - in Siberia, Russia. To reach the zone of eclipse, artists had to travel around 5000 kilometres by train and hitchhiking to the Novosibirsk Zoological Park and it´s surroundings.

The outcome of the first Curated Expedition, The Moon Goose Experiment by Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE), Zoolar Eclipse by Mireia C. Saladrigues (CAT) and A Journey to the Total Eclipse by Tommi Taipale (FI) were first exhibited in Kiasma, Contemporary Art Museum of Helsinki in 2009 within the programme of Pixelache2009 festival, and as part of the International Year of Astronomy. After the first exhibition in Finland, the artworks have been shown in various festivals and exhibitions worldwide.

The second Curated Expedition by Capsula is focusing on the Baltic Sea. Curator Ulla Taipale proposed the idea forTurku2011 European Capital of Culture open call for projects in 2008, and it was chosen from more than one thousand proposals to form part of the Turku2011 programme.

Other significant partners in this voyage have been artist and biologist Merja Markkula, professor Ilppo Vuorinen from Turku University Archipelago Research Centre and personnel of Turku University Botanical Garden, Forum Marinum personnel and project manager Pekka Paasio and Turku Applied Sciences ProNatMat project manager Outi Tuomela.

We would like to thank the artists, volunteers and all the other people who made these two expeditions possible, and we hope to be able to organise and commission many new expeditions and events in the future to marvel at natural phenomena and to make a wider audience more conscious of the environments around us.