Launched in Barcelona, Spain in 2005, by two independent curators, Monica Bello Bugallo and Ulla Taipale, Capsula has actively contributed to the international art & science scene with numerous interdisciplinary cultural contents; events, workshops and publications. Capsula have collaborated with the established and emerging artists and contemporary thinkers combining arts with natural sciences and nature, building bridges between art and science communities, enhancing and facilitating dialogue between artists, creators, scientists and the general public.

More about Capsula activity and a historical overview can be found here.

Among the exhibitions, programs and events curated by Capsula and a great amount of collaborators are:

Days of Bioart 2006-07, Centro de Arte Santa Mónica, Barcelona, Spain. 

Taxonomies exhibition and program, Comafosca, Alella, Barcelona, Spain

Neurótica bio / hábitat CCCB 2006-07 (Centro de Cultura Contemporaneo, Barcelona) and El Matadero, 2007, Madrid

Curated Expeditions: 1) 2008-9 To the Total Eclipse in Novosibirsk, Russia 2) To the Baltic Sea, 2009-11

Herbologies / Foraging Networks (Finland and Latvia)

Melliferopolis - Honeybees in Urban Environments (Finland and internationally), 2012 ->

Biofilia - Base for Biological Arts at Aalto University (Espoo, Finland), 2011-2014

Climate Whirl arts program at University of Helsinki, Finland, 2012 ->

Accelerate Finland, a partnership with Arts at CERN, 2019: Open Call for Finnish artists 

Capsula is a non-profit cultural association,  registered in 2010 in Finland by curator Ulla Taipale together with Merja Markkula, Finnish artist and biologist.


Read the blog of the latest activities of Capsula here.

Find the CV of Ulla Taipale here.